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Veritas vos liberabit

I'll call you... I sent you an email yesterday... My phone battery is dying, I've gotta hang up... I appreciate your input... this is a limited time offer... this has been a productive meeting... I paid that already... you look nice today... I appreciate it... I really enjoyed your talk... the computer won't let me do that...

Lies. all lies. Some are white lies intended to make others feel good. Others are lies told to make ourselves feel good. Some are told to get us into situations. Other to get us out. Lies are told about money, politics, relationships, religion, you name it.

The box below is a form that goes absolutely nowhere. Type something in it, submit it, and nothing happens. Nothing. It doesn't go anywhere, doesn't send anything, nothing. It's intended to allow you to tell the truth about something. Something you did, didn't do, want to do, shouldn't do. Tell the truth about it. You'll feel better and no one will ever know what you wrote. The truth will set you free. L.; of the truth, truthful